Music Hero News

Music Hero Version 5

On September 1, 2009, the game was released for beta testing. The Python code was packaged in .app form for Macs using Py2app. The wav and mp3 analysis methods were improved from using a simple skylining algorythm to a method that better extracts the melodic line.

Music Hero Version 4

By August 2, 2009, the Java code had been reworked to function with Java 1.5, the latest version of Java on Macs, which meant replacing several methods and redoing most of the GUIs to use a new layout manager. The Python code was packaged in .exe form for Windows machines using Py2exe. The background music was compressed using Adobe Soundbooth, and the credits and instructions were added.

Music Hero Version 3

By March 21, 2009, the settings GUI was added along with a button to collect and store background noise instead of sampling it every time, and the graphics were improved in the game. Free-use background music was added, and several bugs were fixed regarding the updating of the graphics.

Music Hero Version 2

On February 15, 2008, many additional features were completed. Midi analysis was finished, allowing a track to be generated from any midi file, and the fundamentals of wav and mp3 waveform analysis were added. The game was reworked to use an abstract data type class to represent and contain the score data, which helped organize track playing and generation.

Music Hero Version 1

By December 1, 2008, Music Hero had taken its basic form. The basic game engine was set, and the project had transitioned from JGrasp to Netbeans IDE. Basic graphics were added.

Music Hero Creation

On September 27, 2008, the programming of Music Hero began. I didn't know Java, and the organization was abysmal, but you've got to learn somehow.