What if Practicing Music was a Game?

Music Hero makes Practicing more like Playing!

Practicing shouldn't have to be stressful: it can be fun and maintain educational value. With Music Hero, you can practice any instrument - piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, string, and voice - on any song you own.

How does Music Hero work?

Music Hero displays notes that stream across your computer screen in a similar manner to games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. As you play the notes on your instrument of choice, it records your playing in real-time using a microphone, and it keeps score based off timing and accuracy.

What Songs can you Practice?

In addition to over 100 included songs, you can play midi, mp3, wav, aiff, au, songs you have on your computer or find online. You can take any song you need to practice and turn it into a game - warmup exercises, major or minor scales, solos, or your favorite melodies.

How does Music Hero help?

In addition to presenting music in a unique environment, Music Hero gives you feedback on your performance. You can even speed up or slow down the tempo so you can master difficult passages. Plus, in case improvement and sounding better aren't enough, Music Hero gives anyone another reason to want to practice music! Start playing songs while playing a fun game: Download Music Hero!

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