Music Hero Downloads

No Installation Required! Download a version below, and unzip it to your desktop. To run, double-click on music.jar file.

Note that you must have Java Version 1.5 or above installed on your computer. Most people already do; if you're not sure, check your Java version here. You can download the latest version of Java here. In addition, you'll need a built-in or plug-in microphone for scoring to work.

If you're comfortable with command line and want to help troubleshoot errors, go to the directory holding the jar file and run the following: 'java -jar music.jar debug'. If something goes wrong, email Thanks for your help!

Music Hero - Zip - 38.6 MB
Music Hero - Tarball - 38.5 MB


While this game is free to use, we appreciate donations if you enjoy playing Music Hero. We maintain ads on our site to help defray the costs, but we rely on your donations to continue offering these games for free. Besides the costs of the domain and webspace, we have the costs of game development and testing. Thanks for all donations. All amounts are helpful.