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This website offers free practice tests for high school tests and competitions. There are over 100,000 practice questions and hundreds of official past exams for the AP and FBLA tests. For the SAT, PSAT, and ACT tests, choose from dozens of official Collegeboard* tests, you can pick from hundreds of free test providers that are reviewed for test content so you can find the best material.

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Unleash your potential - study with real questions from the largest collection of free standardized tests. We are the only website that links students and parents with free learning tools. We keep a special eye out for resources that make studying more interesting, or at least less monotonous. In addition, we offer special tips and tricks for each exam. With these practice tests, you can find your weak areas and improve them.

AP, SAT, ACT, and FBLA exams are standardized, so they do not change much from year to year - the same types of questions consistently appear. With practice, you can understand these tests and earn a superior score. Good luck on all of your tests!

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