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Expand your musical horizons by playing games! This site offers free original free music games and music applications by Testfrenzy. Check them out below! Register for email updates when new games are added.

Music Hero

Music Hero ScreenshotMusic Hero is a Guitar Hero style game that combines entertainment with practicing real music. With Music Hero, you can practice any instrument - piano, guitar, woodwind,
brass, string, and voice - on any song you own. Music Hero displays notes that stream across your computer screen. As you play the notes on your instrument, it records your playing in real-time using a microphone, and it keeps score based off your timing and pitch accuracy. In addition to over 100 included songs, you can play midi, mp3, wav, aiff, au, songs you have on your computer or find online. You can take any song you need to practice and turn it into a game - warmup exercises, major or minor scales, solos, or your favorite melodies. You can even speed up or slow down the tempo so you can master difficult passages. Plus, in case improvement and sounding better aren't enough, Music Hero gives anyone another reason to want to practice music!

Mandelbrot Magic

Mandelbrot ScreenshotMandelbrot Magic is a collection of Mandelbrot Set animations, pictures, and desktop background generated by a simple Python script. A Mandelbrot Set is simply a fractal generated from a surprisingly simple formula in the complex plane. One of the reasons the Mandelbrot Set is so interesting is that it's infinite - you can zoom in forever! While no programming experience is necessary to enjoy the artwork, the Python script is posted if you want to make your own.

Duet Yourself

Currently in development. Will allow you to upload multi-instrument midi files and record yourself playing each part, and then let you download a wav or mp3 file of yourself playing complex tunes in a 1-man band.

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